May 2021

  1. World Vape Day 2021

    “Imagine a new miracle drug with the potential to prevent one third of fatal cancers, to avoid one in four deaths from cardiovascular disease and to provide relief for millions suffering from serious lung disease. The side effects of this hypothetical treatment appear to be minimal and people can carry on with normal life while under treatment.                                                             

    Imagine, too, that ordinary people will purchase this affordable drug at their

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  2. Do E-Cigarettes help people STOP SMOKING ?

    There is growing evidence from around the world that e-cigarettes can help people stop smoking.  In the UK, studies that looked at e-cigarette use and smoking cessation across the population estimated that e-cigarettes help and additional 50,000 quit attempts per year.  This is a huge achievement as it is 50,000 extra quitters than there would be if Vaping was nor around.

    We have great evidence which shows us that e-cigarettes combined with behavioural support are very effective in helping

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