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Let's start demistifying vaping

With so much information published about vaping it's often difficult to navigate through the research, opinions and legislation. We will continue to extend and build upon this section of our website to provide as much guidance and support as we possibly can.

I Have So Many Questions

We totally understand your situation and we are determined to make sure you have as much information at your disposal as you need.
We have put together our most frequent customer questions together with what we hope are suitable answers. You can take a look at the FAQ here.

What About Quality?

All of our E-Liquid is manufactured in Ireland using only 5 core ingredients, all of which carry full CoA (certification of analysis) and QA certification. These core ingredients are sourced only from certified and approved European suppliers. We only use pharmaceutical grade Nicotine, as opposed to Industrial grade, which ensures a smooth vaping experience. 

Our manufacturing and bottling plant in the Republic of Ireland strictly adheres to the good manufacturing code. All ingredients are fully traceable to source, no ingredient enters or exits the plant without a batch number. The Nicotine content of our E-Liquid is regularly and independently tested to ensure levels are as stated. 

A Growing Resource

As individual companies and organisations release informative videos designed to educate and guide, we are bringing them together under are video vault. If there is something that you feel we should be featuring then be sure to let us know and we will certainly review. Take a look at some of our videos.