Vaping Videos


There is nothing more effective than a video to deliver content related to our sector. We have begun to bring together videos that we feel guide and inform current and potential vapers as they continue or begin their journey.

We will ONLY ever spotlight videos from independent sources whose sole aim is to provide an unbiased view of vaping.

Also don't forget to checkout our customer vlogs where you'll hear how customers are progressing on their individual journeys.





The Science of Vaping

How are e-cigarettes different to traditional tobacco cigarettes? This video explains the science behind vaping and why some health authorities around the world consider vaping less harmful than smoking.


The Science of Nicotine and Vaping

What do you need to know about vaping e-cigarettes and nicotine? Is nicotine dangerous? Here are the answers from Fontem Science.


The Science of "passive" Vaping

What happens to people around you when you vape indoors? Is there such a thing as "passive" vaping? According to Fontem Ventures research there is very little impact on the composition of the ambient air.z