Ashling's Journey

Ashling is a 42 year old mother of 4 who greatly enjoys smoking but who is sick and tired of finding herself exiled from her house to have a cigarette and who’s family are extremely keen for her to kick the habit.

An Introduction From Ashling

Ashling introduces herself and speaking about her desire to give up smoking.

After Trying Out Some Different Tobacco Flavours

Shot immediately after she tried out some different tobacco flavours and settled on the one she preferred.

After 4 Days Of Vaping

Ashling gives a progress report on the early stages of her journey.

A Week And 2 Days

Ashling started a savings jar to help incentivise.

Really Tough This Week

A result of my slight blip last week

I Survived St Patricks Day!

Old habits die hard but I stuck strong and this week has been a good week.