Getting Started

It couldn't be easier

Really, it's so easy to get started but remember... we are always here to help. If you haven't already done so be sure to jump on over to the help section, which you can find in the above toolbar. Here, we've answered some of your most common questions and provided some great information and videos to help you to really get to know vaping.


Making a start

Next to the decision to give up smoking, finding the right option for you can equally appear very challenging. We here at Hale want to take the hassle out of this for you by providing an easy 3 step guide to getting started.

We’re sure that by this stage you’ve heard that E-Liquids come in many different and exotic flavours and that for the beginner, this can be somewhat confusing. Chances are that if you’ve made the decision to give up smoking, you’re probably going to want to find something as close to the taste of your preferred brand as possible. Our Hale Tobacco range offers a flavour to suit every taste and the opportunity to come in and try them free of charge, is available in all of our retail stores. Equally, it is important to find the right strength of Nicotine that works best for you. Below you’ll find a rough guide to identifying the right strength for you.

What nicotine strength should I be using?

That's a very good question so here is what we would suggest:

Up to 10 cigarettes a day 6mg/0.6% (low)
Up to 20 cigarettes a day 12mg/1.2% (medium)
Up to 30 cigarettes a day 18mg/1.8% (high)

We at Hale recognise that this list is just a general guideline, so again if you’re not sure, please call in to one of our stores and seek advice from one of our highly trained staff.


Choose your Kit

As with E-Liquids, there are a wide variety of kits to choose from. Similar to mobile phones, you can choose from something quite basic to a fancy gadget with loads of bells and whistles. This can equally be daunting, but at Hale we will always recommend what is right for you based on your needs. As such we offer a compact range of affordable, easy to use kits that are perfect for the beginner.


Start Saving

So, having chosen the E-Liquid you want and a kit that fits your needs, you now have everything you need to start vaping and can now proceed to the checkout to complete your purchase. Your payment is 100% secure thanks to our award winning payment partner Worldpay.