April 2021

  1. Vaping and nicotine - the real truth

    In 1976 Professor Michael Russell wrote “People smoke for nicotine, but they die from the tar.” It is generally understood that it is not nicotine itself that is harmful, but the method of delivery, i.e. Burning Tobacco.

    Nicotine is not a carcinogen (substance that causes cancer), has minimal, if any, effect on heart disease or lung issues. The same pharmaceutical grade nicotine used in NRT products (patches, gum) is used in e cigarette liquids.

    This information above is widely not

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  2. Vaping & COVID-19

    Who is at risk?

    Many smokers are being urged to quit now more than ever due to existing lung conditions or damage to the lungs and airways, which puts them at a much higher risk than non-smokers of developing the virus. With already weakened lungs, and the act of repeatedly using a cigarette, PHE believes extra measures must be made to strengthen the body’s natural defences. Alongside this, Gan Quan, a public health specialist and director of International Union Against Tuberculosis

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  3. What to Expect When You Quit smoking and Start Vaping?

    There’s a lot of talk about the many benefits people enjoy when they make the switch from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes to vaping electronic cigarettes. But did you know that these changes can start immediately?

    Continue reading for a timeline that shows you just what happens to your body when you make the switch from smoking to vaping.

    8 HOURS

    8 hours after you quit smoking, your body will begin improving. In fact, within these first few hours is when the

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  4. A look at Smoking vs Vaping

    My name is Joe Dunne and I own VIP E Cigarette, I am asking you to really read the facts below and also to investigate them to ensure they are true. We have had many pieces on Smoking and Vaping the past few weeks and below outlines relevant information on the whole sector and I ask you to consider telling people the truth or at least outlining the facts from experts to let smokers make an informed decision for themselves.

    Imagine if we had a country where we told people the facts and let

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  5. Common E-Cigarette Questions Answered by Dr. Andy McEwen

    Following a high-profile Royal College of Physicians’ report encouraging smokers to consider e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative, Cancer Research UK asked Dr Andy McEwen, executive director of the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the devices. His response to these questions can

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  6. UK Vaping Study Shows up to 66% Improvement in Respiratory Systems

    A recent vaping study was carried out in the UK which focused on confirming or debunking previous claims made by other scientific agencies about e-cigs increasing vulnerabilities to respiratory infections. According to lead co-author, Peter Hajek of the Queen Mary University of London, the data indicates that smokers might actually see vast improvements in respiratory symptoms by as much as 66% by simply switching from to vaping kits.

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  7. E-cigarettes Questions & Answers: The Facts

    1. What is in the exhaled vapour and is it harmful to other people?

    In the exhaled vapour there’s some vapour base (an ‘excipient’ like propylene glycol), a little nicotine, some water vapour and some flavours that might impart an aroma.  There may be some breakdown products or traces of contaminants.  The things that lead to concern about second hand tobacco smoke are either absent, undetectable or present in very low concentrations. The most comprehensive review so far

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  8. The VIP Survey – What you said…

    We’re lucky to live in an age of broad, deep and endless communication, where endless news, opinions and data are just a keystroke away. Of course the downside is that there can be too much opinion and many overlapping, contrasting, contentious and sometimes confusing voices available, especially when it comes to a relatively new practice like vaping.

    So we’re happy to bring you some views and hard data directly from the vaping customers themselves. The survey of nearly 400 VIP customers

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  9. The Wider Impact of Vaping Regulation in the USA

    Could Recent Vaping Legislation in California Impact E-cig Use in the EU?

    For 20 years the state of California has been a trendsetter in the field of regulating traditional smoking.

    Their pioneering workplace smoking regulation (very similar to Ireland’s own smoking ban) dates back as far as 1995, and the state’s approach to smoking in proximity to public buildings was updated in 2004.

    Regulatory matters

    One of the names often associated with anti-smoking legislation

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  10. In the Navy: Vaping in Submarines

    Traditional cigarettes and submarines have had a strange and knotty history, excuse the pun. There are few workplaces where oxygen is in such short supply, but, believe it or not, the US Navy only banned traditional smoking in 2011.

    At the time this ban was introduced, The Daily Mail ran a story about the US Navy submarine smoking ban, quoting Submarine Forces Commander

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