Vaping and Recycling

Vaping and Recycling

A customer recently got in touch with us expressing concerns about the amount of plastic waste generated by the vaping industry, and what we are doing to effectively combat this. We realised that while we are actively investigating methods through which we can improve the amount of waste we produce, the ins and outs of this is something that is worth sharing, as it is a problem unfortunately.

One of the biggest problems with plastic waste in the vaping industry is the bottles which are used for liquid. Due to the European legislation introduced in May, 2017, the Tobacco Product Directive 2.0 (TPD), we are only allowed to sell bottles with a maximum size of 10ml, if it contains nicotine. This is stark contrast from pre-TPD where bottles could be any size and were often made of glass, which meant there was much less waste produced, a lot less frequently. It meant that the amount of bottles of individual customers could go from 20-21 bottles used in a year, up to 104 bottles if not even more. (20x50ml bottles vs. 104x10ml bottles at an average of 20ml/week).

The TPD also states that all products must have appropriate packaging, meaning the concept of filling reusable bottles in-store, is not viable or legal. Again, the options available are scarce.

Beyond this then, there is an even bigger issue associated with this and that is the limitation of options for recycling. While we would love to be able to recycle the plastic bottles, CE4 Clearomisers and other plastic waste produced by similar products, due to the fact that they contain or have contained a nicotine product, we have been informed that there are little to no recycling options available to us.

There is some positives to be found though, cigarette butts have often been said to be "the most littered item on the planet" and more recent news reports have stated that cigarette butts are polluting the ocean more than plastic. We hope that by helping people make the change to vaping, that we are contributing, even slightly to the reduction of this. We have also begun to rollout WEEE Battery recycling points to all of our Hale stores, with most stores already participating, to help reduce the amount of waste produced by batteries and mods. 

We care both as individuals as a company, we know that climate change and waste production are some of the biggest problems facing us today, and we are always going to continue to search for options when it comes to recycling our plastic waste and reducing the amount produced.

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