Public Health England (PHE) show even more support to vaping

Public Health England (PHE) show even more support to vaping

Yet again, the UK is at the forefront of vaping support via Public Health England (PHE). PHE has started a new campaign running throughout January which aims to illustrate the benefits of switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping. One of the most powerful parts of this campaign comes through the form of a video they have produced showing the effects of smoking versus vaping on a persons lungs using a bell jar and cotton balls:

The video shows that at the end of the experiment, the cotton balls in the jar which contained cigarette smoke are brown and the tube leading into the jar is coated with tar. On the other hand, both the jar and the cotton balls from the vaping variant are completely unchanged bar some condensation.

Despite this, according to their survey, the majority of smokers are still not aware that, according to independent research, vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

They conclude by saying that most people who attempt to quit using a support tools such as vaping are much more likely to remain off cigarettes.

This is very welcome news for both the vaping industry and vape users alike as well as those who are looking to quit as they can rest assured that they can only be doing good by making the change.

Now it is time for Ireland's own national smoking cessation service, to follow suit and support vaping, one of the tools that has helped so many to quit smoking for good.