Newcastle University: Vapers Have the Same Gut Health as Non-Smokers

Newcastle University: Vapers Have the Same Gut Health as Non-Smokers

The news about vaping has been rife recently with stories from the United States about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clamping down on certain types of liquid, and "juuling", but thankfully, some light does shine through as yet another independent study from the UK has again proved the benefits of using vaping devices over traditional tobacco. 

Newcastle University have published a first of its kind, pilot study entitled Effects of tobacco smoke and electronic cigarette vapor exposure on the oral and gut microbiota in humans. While this is a bit of a mouthful, the results of the study are great news for both existing and prospective vapers, as the result of the study showed that non-smokers and vapers exhibited "similar" gut and oral bacteria, in comparison to tobacco smokers. 

So what does this mean? Well, in tobacco smoker's gut and mouth, significant levels of Prevotella bacteria were found, which is a bacteria linked to health issues such colon cancer and colitis, and much lower levels Bacteroides probiotics were seen, lower levels have also been linked to other diseases such Crohn's disease and obesity.  With regard to these two examined bacteria, the gut flora of those using e-cigarettes was the same as a non-smoker. As such, this shows another benefit of vaping to be: a reduced risk of colon cancer, colitis, Crohn's disease and obesity, in comparison to traditional tobacco smoking. 

Now, while the researchers behind the study have said that they would like to perform a more in-depth, long term test with a larger test group, this is still a very positive result from a pilot study and we hope that there is a similar result when the other study has been completed.

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