Ask Hale: How Do I Get the Best Flavour Out of My E-Liquid?

Ask Hale: How Do I Get the Best Flavour Out of My E-Liquid?

Flavour! If you take a look at our range, you'll see that there is certainly a huge amount of them out there, fruits, minty mixes, cocktails, desserts, you name it; there's something for everyone. But how do you know you're getting the most out of them? What difference does the style of tank you're using, or the coil, or anything make? Well, let's answer that!

There are more tanks on the market than anyone could ever begin to wrap their head around, and more and more are being released every day, but there is a key distinction between tanks that is important to note when it comes to flavour.. and that is airflow!

  • MTL (Mouth to Lung) tanks have a very restricted draw, and as its name suggests, you take a drag into your mouth before inhaling, much like you do with a traditional cigarette.
  • DTL (Direct to Lung) tanks, again as the name suggests, are tanks which allow the user to take much deeper, stronger draws, directly to their lungs.

So, while that's a nice run down of the difference between MTL and DTL tanks.. what does that mean for flavour? Well, generally, as a rule of thumb, MTL tanks are better for flavour and DTL are better for vapour production (clouds!) but unfortunately, much to the detriment of simplicity, that can change depending on the type of liquid you're using.

So what is this difference between liquids that can be better in some tanks than others? Well, simply, is it on the fruitier side of things or is it more desserty? Generally, fruitier flavours, perform better in a tank with a much tighter draw like MTL tanks. Whereas desserty flavours, shine in tanks with a much more open draw like DTL tanks.

There are a number of different reasons for this including: how flavour tastes on the inhale and exhale, the amount of time flavour is in contact with receptors in your mouth and nasal cavity, retronasal and olfactory perceptions with regards to vaping and many more. Without getting too caught up in the science behind it all though, if you are a fan of fruity flavours and find you’re getting a muted flavour out of your cloud chasing tank, then it may be worthwhile trying out something with a tighter draw, and vice versa, if your desserty flavours are a bit lacklustre, try opening up the airflow wide open and taking deeper draws.

Unless you are using a rebuildable tank / atomiser (more on that later), you are going to be limited to the coils which are available for your tank. Some tanks have a huge range of coils available for them which can change the style of vape you will get off them and some tanks you are limited to just one or two options. Much like the tanks themselves, you should try and suit your coil to the liquid you are using. 

Generally, with coils, higher resistance (+1.0ohm), are going to have a tighter draw and as such can be considered MTL, and conversely, lower resistance (-0.5ohm) coils are going to have an airier draw to allow for the higher heat produced by these coils and as such, will be DTL.

While it is definitely not something for everyone, rebuilding coils are a sure-fire way to get the best flavour from your tank, especially with MTL rebuildable tanks. This is generally reserved for advanced users though, and can tend to be quite time-consuming in comparison to using pre-built coils. If you have the time though, it is worth the effort!

So, where have we ended up? Well, really, the best thing you can do is try a couple of different options, especially if you’re not happy with the flavour you’re getting currently. Start out with something simple like changing the coil to something you might not have used before, and if not, treat yourself to a new tank, completely different from what you might be used to, and see what changes you’ll notice! Find what works for you, there’s definitely enough different options out there.

- Ask Hale

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