5 Top Tips to Help You This Stoptober

5 Top Tips to Help You This Stoptober

We here at Hale Vaping know the difficulties that come with staying off cigarettes, and that's after the initial decision to quit! But we have found a couple of things that have helped our customers and ourselves over the years and we're happy to share them with you:

1. Count the savings

One of biggest reasons for quitting for some people is the money that can be saved. But you might not even realise just how much you're saving! Why not keep a jar and put the money you would have spent on cigarettes in? It will pay for a night out or a shopping trip short term, or maybe a holiday long term! Alternatively, there are a number of apps for your phone out there or even just make a note for yourself on how much you would have spent on cigarettes each week and compare it to the amount you're now spending, you would be surprised!

2. Get some exercise in

Your cardiovascular system is always going to suffer at the hand of cigarettes, but why not use the extra energy and stamina you have now thanks to quitting to make some even bigger changes in your life. If you tried running or some other exercising before and found that you were running out of breath, now is the time to try again.

3. Set yourself goals

It's easy to fall back into old habits when you don't have something you're working towards. So set yourself some ongoing targets like 'I won't touch a cigarette for the next 2 weeks', and stick to them. When those targets are up, set new ones and keep going on like that until you don't even think about it! It sounds simple but it works and can be key in helping you through it.

4. Let your friends and family know

This works for a couple of reasons, the more people you let know, means the more incentives to stay off cigarettes. As well as that, if they are smokers themselves, if you let them know that you're trying to quit, they'll be less likely to offer you a cigarette.

5. Don't quit alone

We're all about friendship this Stoptober at Hale Vaping which is why we're running a competition over on our Facebook to give you and a friend a device and liquids to get you started or upgrade your set up. It's always easier when you have a friend to talk to or to give you the encouragement or motivation to keep going when you're really craving another cigarette. So try get a friend or relation to quit with you so that you can help each other on your quitting journey.

So see what you can achieve, and good luck this Stoptober!